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Season 2022

For this season we want to offer you the following cooking courses

Men ù 1 low difficulty

Crostini toscani

Crostini with cheese and cherry tomatoes

Tagliatelle al rag ù

Chicken Cacciatore

Tiramis ù

Men ù 2 medium difficulty

Bruschette with tomato

Crostini with cooked ham mousse

Gnocchi with tomato

Pork fillet with marsala

White chocolate mousse

Men ù high difficulty

Crostone with tomato

Ham and cheese basket

Ravioli with butter and sage

Turkey lasagna

Chocolate pie

High difficulty fish menu

Salmon tartare

Shrimp puffs

Prawns and courgettes tagliatelle

Octopus and potatoes

Lemon mousse.

For those who want something simpler, or just to try the cooking experience, we offer you a pizza lesson, where we will explain the white art and make you prepare your pizza which you can then enjoy

October 2019

This year the month of October will give us a whole series of culinary events of great interest for those who want to approach cooking in a fun and effective way.

Our motto è 'EVERYONE CAN COOK ', we firmly believe in it and want to teach anyone who wants to cook in a simple and effective way to amaze friends and not only

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Cooking lesson


Our video courses

Halloween party


Theme party the request was only Nutella-based sweets and here's what we proposed

Recipes to make him fall in love

From today you can also follow our blog full of recipes and suggestions

Blog let's cook together

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